Friday, February 2, 2018

Immetrica and eCGlobal introduce Latin America’s most accurate ratings service
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eCGlobal Research Solutions, innovative consumer insights and big data analytics company, and Immetrica, audience-measurement systems engineering specialist, today announce Alldience, a new ratings service for Latin America, based on eCGlobal’s existing social media engagement and consumer panel with half a million active members served by dozens of pay-TV operators. The service will have by far the largest sample sizes available in any country in the region, bringing unparalleled accuracy to today’s multichannel realtime and timeshifted DVR / VOD / OTT media use. Based on a highly reliable smartphone-enabled ACR technology, the service will detect viewing in any environment in which the media audio remains intelligible, in realtime or timeshifted using any means for up to a year after broadcast.
For premium-channel operators, we offer channel-coverage ratings (ratings among their subscribers rather than the entire sample) when eCGlobal operates subsamples of its panel specific to them. We can also offer a behavioural definition of channel use, which, however, ignores viewers who have access to these channels but do not use them.
The unit of measurement will be a demographically described individual viewer, with a rich single-source set of descriptors such as income, education and occupation; social-media use and engagement; and consumer behaviour available to drill down further to the target or de facto audience, on a panregional, nationwide, or local-market scale. In addition to audience measurement for broadcasters, we plan to offer advertising spot ratings and competitive analysis of advertising flights.
Of particular interest to advertisers is the opportunity to engage panel members who have just watched designated content with a custom survey automatically pushed to the members’ smartphones in near-realtime, in what amounts to the world’s largest focus group.
The service will be delivered through a world-leading analytics platform capable of handling the large sample sizes; an optional cost-effective custom reporting service using Immetrica’s proprietary technology; and customized means for clients with needs beyond these.
A new panel and ratings service for unparalleled measurement of Latino US residents
We also announce today our intention to build a separate panel on the same technology for the more than 80% of Latino US residents with significant Spanish-language media consumption. Spanish-language media in the US have burgeoned even as the same segments in English have fragmented or declined, with the top television rating on some nights quite commonly earned by a Spanish-language network and pay-TV operators adding numerous Spanish-language channels. The new services will be the first to measure this growing demographic’s use of today’s choices of hundreds of pay-TV channels, DVR, VOD, OTT and social media.
Meet us at Media Insights 2018, February 6–8, Miami Beach
eCGlobal and Immetrica will be presenting the new platform during the Media Insights & Engagement Conference, Feb. 6th–8th, 2018 at the Miami Beach Resort and Spa Hotel (4833 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33141).
About eCGlobal Research Solutions
eCGlobal Research Solutions is a pioneer and leader in online panels and digital market research solutions in the Latin America market. Its innovative cloud-based technology unlocks the power of consumer collaboration, combining social media, communities, mobile, gamification, surveys and big data analytics, all in a single platform. With offices in the US, Mexico and Brazil, the company’s mission is to help organizations make better business decisions, and develop better products and services, through co-creation and continuous collaboration with consumers.
About Immetrica
Immetrica and its founder and CEO have been building audience research systems for more than three decades, serving major television, radio, pay-TV and DVR players around the world at a time of dramatic changes in the use of media, achieving several world and regional firsts, including first time-shifted viewing ratings in the US, first extrapolation of STBs to households in the world, and first adjustment for HD representativeness in the world.
We are a unique centre of expertise that sees measurement from all sides: those of the systems developer, the analytical user and the ancillary broadcast systems necessarily involved in the process. We believe that understanding the underlying need is crucial to developing successfully for it. All our developers, therefore, are not mere journeymen but are educated in audience measurement, having made a choice to practice in this field for the long term. They also contribute other key expertise to this, the first venture under our own brand, including radical optimisation of processing efficiency, the ability to fuse multiple data sources, and digital analysis of analogue data.